Adrien As of September 2013, I am a lecturer in computer science at the University of Paris 8. I teach both at Bachelor and Masters levels ( see here).

My research is conducted at the LIASD (Saint-Denis Advanced Computer Science Lab). I have joined a team working on General Game Playing (aka GGP), whose other members are Jean Méhatand Jean-Noël Vittaut, Nicolas Jouandeau sometimes also joins in.

I am still interested in information scoring, research I lead with Marie-Jeanne Lesot, of the LIP6. As of October 2013, we are pleased to work with Bénédicte Legastelois on Gradual trust and dynamics of trust building: a formal model in modal logics, applied to information scoring, her PhD.

You can find more information on my research, the classes I teach (usually in French) and my contact information using the menus on the left.
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